September 22, 2022

A Fresh Take on your Usual 'Spring Clean'

When seasons change, they change slowly and then all at once. We start to notice tiny subtle changes in the appearance of plants and flowers, a change in earthy scents in the air, and the rippling changes of colour in the sky. And then gradually there is a completely new energy in the seasons.

As a kid, I always knew that spring had officially sprung when my mum began to clear out the linen cupboards, throw out old cushions and rearrange all the furniture in the house. It didn’t make much sense to me, but I always seemed to notice that as soon as she was done it would be warmer and drier outside.

The start of September marks the start of spring and now that we’re filling the Orno showroom with fresh new flowers, it really does feel like we’re heading into that lighter and brighter end of the year.

‘Spring cleaning’ isn’t just about dusting and decluttering. Perhaps this year, instead of doing the usual routine ‘spring clean’, why not refresh both physically and energetically, by looking at your home with a fresh new perspective. Open up your doors and windows and let that fresh air cleanse your space. And when the sun streams in, use this as an opportunity to view your home in a new light.

Out with the old, in with the new

Collecting is a natural human survival instinct, the act of gathering things that we love or need, and keeping them close. In winter this instinct is heightened and we tend to fill our home with cozy winter comforts, all the items that make us feel safe, warm and sheltered. As we head into spring, it’s time to shed a few of these layers. We begin to fold away the heavy rugs and blankets, and inevitably clear away the clutter that has accumulated during the colder season.

This year as you’re looking around for things that can be packed away, rather than focusing on what’s old and what’s new, view your home with a lens of practicality and ask yourself the following -

  • What items serve a purpose? Perhaps that beautiful but heavy throw might not be used in the next couple months and it’s time to swap it out for something a little lighter.
  • What items are aligned with the new energy and atmosphere you want to create in your home? While the darker tones and textures created a relaxing and tranquil winter oasis, maybe they’re a little too moody for this new season.
  • What items bring you joy when you see them? Certain items may have once been the feature of your space, but after seeing them everyday they’ve lost their charm. Hold onto the things that have sentimental or emotional value, but use this as an opportunity to store or pass on anything that you no longer love.

While winter is the perfect season to create a cozy nest in your space, one that feels sheltered and nurturing, spring holds a more bubbly and vibrant energy. Lighten up your home, letting it be a space to revive and rekindle your spirit.

Bring the outside in

When we think ‘spring’, we think of nature. We think of fresh flowers re-blossoming, beautiful amber sunrises, and the scent of freshly cut grass and fresh soil. Spring creates the space for us to admire our earth’s natural cycle of reawakening, as we head into this new season. This year, rather than flicking through magazines, websites, and shopfronts for the latest interior trends, why not be inspired by the elements of nature when spritzing up your space.

This year when picking your spring palette, choose colours that make sense and really mean something to you. If you’ve been coiled up all winter itching to get back into the ocean; pull in splashes of turquoise and blue with contrasts of neutral sandy tones. If you can’t wait to watch the sunset with an Aperol in hand, maybe you can achieve that blissful relaxation with hints of warmer peaches and terracottas. When refreshing your bedding, linens, and any other elements in your home, choose tones and textures that spark a feeling for you; rather than drawing on a trend that will likely change within the season. Think of the feelings you want to create in your space; do you want to feel calm, inspired, energised, or joyful? What natural environments make you feel this way?

Choose features that capture energy

Spring is for basking in the sunshine. We love finding that one window that allows all the warmth and light to pool in, and turning this into a little reading nook. One of our favourite pieces is our Seychelles Chair, the perfect armchair for curling up with a good book and an iced tea. With it’s natural rattan tones and scalloped edges, a piece like this catches the eye and creates that coastal summery feel instantly.

An easy way to add life, colour and vibrance to a space is arranging a fresh assortment in a vase. With all the new spring flowers coming into full bloom, create a few beautiful bunches that can be placed on a table or console. These create a transient eye-catching look, one that can be refreshed every couple of weeks. For a more sustainable piece, we like to plant fresh cuttings in a beautiful pot, and place or hang these wherever it’s needed.

Dissolve the wall between inside and outside

As the skies clear and the air starts to warm, it’s inevitable that we begin to re-emerge from our winter hibernation and venture back outside. While the inside of our homes remain sheltered and protected by our walls, the impacts of a few months in the harsh elements have taken their toll; cluttering the yard in leaves and leaving a sheen of water damage on our pavements and outdoor furniture.

Look at your home as a whole space rather than its two seperate parts, the inside and the outside. Consider how you can ‘spring clean’ your outdoor entertaining area; maybe by sprucing up weathered lie lows with new sun-proof upholstery or giving your crowded planter boxes a wash and trim. Perhaps it’s time to scrub the bore water off the walls and give them a new lick of paint, or call up the electrician to fix the flickering outdoor lights. As the weather warms up, it’s time to make the most of the beautiful Australian weather, what additional comforts can you add to make this space more inviting?

Spring naturally encourages us to clear out anything that’s getting old and stagnant, and refresh with the clean and the new. This year, rather than just going through the standard motions of spring cleaning, take this opportunity to freshen your perspective. Draw on the awakening elements of nature to inspire how you design and decorate your space.