December 6, 2022

Conscious Christmas

Collectively, we’ve been putting in the work; we seperate rubbish from recycling, we’re conscious of our shower times, we turn lights off when we’re not using them, we catch public transport instead of driving into work everyday. With celebration season just around the corner, it’s inevitable that we’re all about to switch into frantic shopping mode - starting a giant pile of vibrant and colourfully wrapped presents for our loved ones under the tree. Many of us are starting to think about how we can be a little more environmentally conscious with our gift giving. How can we reduce our waste and limit the footprint we’re leaving… how can we gift more sustainably?

Here are our top tips for showing your love, for both your loved ones and the planet.

Buy long-lasting versatility

Perhaps the most obvious, but buying with the intention that your gift will be used and loved for years to come prevents items from ending up in landfill. We recommend buying with the person in mind. What do they need? What do they love? What would suit their space? This also means looking at the materials and making sure they are high-quality enough to last a lifetime. We love materials like glass, ceramics, wood, bamboo, organic wools and cottons - all durable materials, minimally processed, with little negative impact on the environment.

Another way to ensure that an item will be used and loved for years to come is letting it perform a function and creating versatility. An example of this is a vase. It performs the function of holding a beautiful assortment of flowers so will always be needed. It can also be dressed to different occasions to create different looks and moods. Filled with red roses for an elegant romantic look, bold sunflowers for a little more playfulness, or dried native wildflowers for coastal luxury.

Buy local

We’ve heard this one before and if we weren’t already moving in this direction, three years into a pandemic has made us all a lot more appreciative of the local talent we have right here in our city. When you buy from a local creator, you’re doing more than just reducing waste. You’re creating jobs, you’re investing in entrepreneurship, you’re keeping money in the local economy. For every dollar spent at a local business, at least $0.88 stays within the community. You’re also receiving (or gifting) an item that was conceptualised and created with passion and love. Shopping local also reduces the toll that comes with shipping outputs. Cutting out shipping eliminates the need for carbon emitting transport and excessive packaging materials (non-recyclable bubble wrap and plastics).

Let them decide

One way to ensure that your loved one loves their gifts this year is by putting the choice in their hands. While gift cards are often avoided due to their lack of personal touch, they can be the key to something really special. An Orno gift card can be used towards multiple things, whether it’s a scattering of new cushions, a unique piece for your home, or a design consultation that paves the path to creating a beautiful new space. Click here to purchase one for a loved one, preloaded to the value of your choice.

Sustainable wrapping

Our favourite part about gifting, is getting creative with wrapping to keep your presents a surprise until the very last moment. Unfortunately most gift wraps available aren’t recyclable because they’re either too thin, laced with plastic, heavily saturated with inks or sparkly. They all go straight to waste. It can seem a little over the top, but where you can try to repurpose these gift wraps and ribbons so they don’t end up in landfill. When you set out to do your own wrapping, think old school arts and crafts - get resourceful with newspaper, brown paper bags, butchers paper, scarves. Even if this doesn’t look as proper and polished, it’s whats on the inside that really counts.

Create an experience

More material gifts doesn’t always equal more love. The perfect gift is one that is meaningful and received in good company. As a collective, we’re steering away from gifts that can be wrapped and ribboned, and more towards creating memories.

This time, you’re likely looking at your home with the eyes of an entertainer and thinking about all the people you’d like to see and celebrate with before 2022 comes to a close. Why not do something a little more special and memorable and invite people over for champagne breakfasts in your dinning room or balmy dinners out on the terrace. Give your loved ones the gift of being treated like a guest.