November 7, 2022

How We Use Nature to Bring Balance

Interior design is a fine art; it’s the ability to look at the world around us with a lens of appreciation, and find ways to create beauty in everything. When we embark on a journey with you we take in all the existing elements of your well-loved home, integrating this with your unique lifestyle. The result is a space enhanced with various materials, finishes, colours and pieces that bring a little more flair and functionality.

The Orno Interiors style is a combination of considered luxury crossed with curious eclectic… We love using bold colours and textures to capture energy and create interest in a room. While it can be tempting to gather up an assortment of pieces that you love and scatter them throughout your space, this can often result in a look that lacks cohesion and flow, and can look a little mismatched or cluttered. We’ll let you in on a little secret to creating that much sought after balance in your space… it’s all about incorporating the four elements of nature - Earth, Water, Air and Fire.


This element creates a sense of groundedness and stability. It makes a home feel protected, supported, and in touch with nature. There’s lots of different ways to achieve this, but let’s start with bringing in those larger pieces - like rolling out a large textured rug. Not only will this absorb echoing noise and create a cozy feel on bare feet, it also ties the different pieces in your space together, anchoring it all together. Read more about selecting the perfect rug for your space here. This season we’re loving hand-died and handwoven pieces, they’re perfect for adding that extra layer of comfort and care.

A little more obvious, but a little more effortless, is adding in more organic elements from the Earth. Here are a few of our favourite pots and vases that draw plenty of eyes when filled with fresh flowers and greenery and placed as a centrepiece. With Christmas just around the corner, this could be a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or simply a great way to inject a little life into your space.


This element creates a sense of flow and fluidity. It makes a home feel calm and relaxed, free from stresses. It’s no secret that we have a big old crush on the ocean. In fact, this inspires a lot of our design elements and the pieces we have available in store. We can’t resist bringing in subtle hints of the underwater world like these urchin vases, vintage clams and intricate shell crosses.


This element is the one of warmth, it’s the difference between a house and a home. And of course the element of fire comes through lighting. We recommend beginning with fixed pieces as your foundation, and then scattering decorative pieces throughout. One of our favourite ways to add a little flair when you’re bringing warmth into your home, is through the use of hanging chandeliers and pendants. These create a little eye-catching sparkle and still serve the purpose of lighting up your space. Chandeliers are an Orno staple and we’re constantly restocking our showroom with our favourite pieces, ready for your home as soon as you ask.

Lighting is one of the most simple ways to create ambience. Our popular flameless candles create that romantic flickery glow without any of the waxy mess or fire risk. If your home is likely to be filled with little feet and curious hands this entertaining season, these are a family-friendly option that won’t require a watchful eye.


This element creates a sense of openness, freshness, and breathing space. It’s hard to describe the feeling of walking into a space that encompasses this element well but it instantly revitalises and rejuvenates, kind of like floating on a cloud. Our cloud-like cushions are a great way to capture this element, allowing for creativity with tone and texture. You can use cushions to add bold vibrancy, or create cohesion with the existing palette of your room. We love using our expansive range of Etoiles as a base to pair with patterns and prints.

And a styling feature that requires no money at all; start pulling back the curtains and opening up your windows. Let that fresh air and light pour through your home, connecting the indoors with the outdoors and creating that open spacious feel.

You can bring all 4 elements into your home through the use of different hits of colour, using earthy greens and browns, fluid blues and coastal neutrals, warmer oranges and reds, and even spacious yellows and whites. These tones and textures combined with various elements of design, create a truly balanced space.