March 27, 2023

Introducing: Casablanca

From a Blank Canvas to a Dream Home: Introducing The Casablanca Project.

While we love a good transformation project, there’s something extra special about working on a fresh build… The world really is your oyster. A little while ago we were approached by one of our much loved clients with an opportunity we jumped for. They’d just bought a property purely for its incredible location; a big open space with sweeping river views, and the intention to knock and build their dream home from the ground up. Our close relationship and previous project history gave us the gift of understanding their unique style from the get-go.They loved the distinctive beauty and old world feel of Spanish Colonial style homes - the exposed structural supports, ornate tiles, colourful combinations of textures and tones, and characteristically arched doorways and windows. Combined with the energy of laidback California Casual - soft and inviting spaces that feature natural tones and materials as their key features. As well as elements from the deco period - all pulled together very hand-in-glove, blending styles from a similar time period. Due to the grander scale of the project, we approached our design journey with the intention to maintain cohesion throughout, wanting to highlight a clear idea of the feel of the space.

Introducing the Casablanca Project… As most fresh builds go we started with the entrance, as this sets the tone for the whole house. Collaborating with our client and the architect, we explored how we wanted this space to feel, locking in the hard finishes (i.e. the paint, tiles). Offering a vista of the river the entrance is a key feature of this home, referenced as the Great Hall. The tiled flooring was designed with a sweeping travertine diamond pattern, with a black marble insert that draws the eye toward the view. The space was designed with a gallery feel in mind, conscious of finding the perfect balance between vastly empty, and overly cluttered. Flowing into the dining hall, this was a space with the intent to fit an overflow of guests who would feel at home interacting with the sculptural elements, an opportune area to display pieces of art. Instead of the usual vase of flowers, a giant sculptural foot was used as a play on the ancient Roman ruins. The walls were finished in Elephants breath, an uplifting mid grey with a hint of magenta, that softens into an almost lilac in the light of cooler seasons. Paired with similar tones on a distressed console, painting from a local artist and complemented by an ornate soft gold baroque mirror on an opposing wall to create a luxurious regal atmosphere. ‘Casablanca’ is a project inspired purely by our client and their love for styles of the times. Our focus throughout the journey has been focused on creating a cohesive feel throughout the entire space. We’ve created a relaxed and layered feel that subtly incorporates Spanish Colonial, California Casual and elements of Art Deco. We can’t wait to reveal more of this special home in due time, stay tuned for updates from the design team! Overall, the home is a stunning example of our creativity and attention to quality in new builds.

Check out this video from our Instagram, showing a recent site visit to Casablanca!