March 2, 2023

Summer Styling

As the new year is in full swing, we all itch with the need to refresh our space. To clear out the old and make space for the new. Whether you’re wanting to create a completely different look or simply bring in pops of interest, in can be a little overwhelming thinking about where to even start. We suggest picking your vignette - that one scene in your house that can stand on its own… then using this space to inspire the rest of your home.

Let’s look at three different areas that each hold a different energy and function, and therefore require different approaches when it comes to styling.

The Coffee Table

This is the casual entertaining space; a place for drop-in guests to gather, a place for intimate conversations and catch ups over coffee. And much like the energy that’s pulled into this space, you want to keep the styling light and functional. Less is really more. Try to create the space for each of your items to breathe. While we all love a good coffee table book, having just one or two quality hardcovers allows you to showcase your personality without creating too much clutter. Perhaps the newest Ottolenghi to captures your love of food, or a Slim Aarons portfolio to show your appreciation for a well captured photo.

This time of the year, you can afford to be a little more bold when it comes to adding a fresh floral arrangement. Either go more subtle with a smaller bundle of bright colourful flowers. Or go large with giant leaves of greenery and seasonal flowers. At the moment we’re loving textured coloured glass, a great way to add more interest to the centrepiece of your space.

And of course, finish it off with an assortment of beautiful coasters, so your guests have somewhere to place their cozy cups of tea or bubbling glasses of champagne (whatever the occasion)

The Dining Table

This space is often used in 2 different ways; to feed people or to serve as a display. While the dining table should be definitely be practical, it also offers a larger canvas for styling in whichever way you choose.

We’re a big fan of flaunting a beautiful surface. The tone and texture of your tabletop should speak for itself; acting as the base palette for all your other elements. Play around with contrasts to create pops of interest wherever you look. If you have a natural timber table, utilise crisp white crockery and organic greenery. If you have a uniform polished finish, pull in irregular, handmade, or bold colourful pieces. Whether you’re feeding or displaying, a great way to create more balance is by staggering or adding layers. Use vases of varying heights or different stands for delicious dishes - we really eat with our eyes.  And for that centrepiece, just go large. Add drama and frivolity with flowers or trailing fresh greenery. You don’t have to spend a fortune, look outside in your yard and go urban foraging. You have all the space in the world to work with here.

The Great Outdoors

In these first couple months of the year, we’re blessed with beautiful hot weather and a collection of warm bodies still dropping in to celebrate the new year. Let’s move outside to soak up every last trace of sunshine and utilise the space we have. Think of this space as another room, one that requires an artistic eye and a little bit of effort to bring style from the inside out. Start by trimming back the hedges and florals. While we want to be out amongst nature, there’s a fine line between neglected overgrown and garden wonderland. Ground your space - maybe theres a central location or a hidden nook where people can gather for a drink? Roll out an outdoor rug that creates a little more colour and depth and sections of this space. Throw in some outdoor cushions, twinkling lights and flameless candles, and you’ve created a relaxing outdoor oasis in minutes.

Then start to add in finer elements that speak to your personality. We’re big fans of the coast so our personal favourites are bits of coral and barnacle clusters. These bring in tasteful hint of the ocean. You can really get creative when it comes to displaying your liquor - a vintage clam shell filled with champagne on ice is much more inviting than an old esky up against a wall.

When all three of these spaces are refreshed with New Year energy (or even just one) you can start to pull this sense of inspiration into other areas of your home; your entrance foyer, the bedrooms, the bathrooms. Ready to get styling? If you need a little more inspiration, get in touch!