May 28, 2021

Window Treatments to Enhance your Space

From heavy velvet drapery to sheer linen curtains, a window treatment is to a room like a jacket is to an outfit… it has the power to completely change the mood and aesthetic. Where a tailored leather jacket creates a clean sophisticated look, a light washed denim can dress down an outfit for a more casual occasion.

Similarly a window treatment can completely change the atmosphere of a room. While it may often be the last thing you add, it is the final feature that ties all design elements together to create harmony in your space.

With the colder, darker months creeping closer, a high quality window treatment can create a cosier vibe in your home this winter. Different textures and tones work together to diffuse light and soften a space, while also improving the acoustics by removing echos and creating a homier style. Here are our top 3 aspects to consider for selecting the perfect window treatment that enhances your home.


Whether you have high ceilings or a smaller cosier space, you can accentuate or create the illusion of height and space by raising curtains as high as they can go. Placing them just under the cornice draws the eye up and allows the curtains to take the full space. Placing them lower encourages the eye to stay on the same level and terminates the visual effect. Allowing 20cm on either side of the panel allows for enough material to bundle together and create a beautiful frame.

Similarly, the length of your drapery changes the mood and aesthetic of your space. A puddling effect is created with extra material allowing it to ‘puddle’ beneath the windows, used best as a decorative feature for panels that won’t be opened and closed, and allow for extra styling elements such as elegant tassel tie backs. Shorter ‘cafe style’ curtains can be used for a windows that sits above a cabinets or bench-top, to create a beautiful picture-book frame. In our eyes, the perfect length should “hang like a man’s trousers”, just skimming the floor at comfortable length.


Light blocking curtains give you complete control over the level of light in a room, as well as regulating temperature. These curtains are perfect for areas that are street facing or require a higher level of privacy. A sheer curtain softens and diffuses harsh lighting, creating elegant shapes while maintaining light and air flow. These curtains work well in rooms such as an open dining room that looks out onto a garden, making the most of a beautiful view.

When deciding between sheer or light blocking, don’t rule out one or the other. A double track style allows both variations to compliment each other. The back track blockout curtain protects the sheers in front from eroding in the light while the front track sheer curtain creates a beautiful shape and soft layered effect.


When it comes to choosing the fabric of your window treatment, the world is your oyster. Depending on the mood of your space, you can opt for a simple, neutral palette and beautiful tones that sit quietly against the colour of your wall. Or a bolder statement with bright colour, structured stripes, or a beautiful pattern to create an artwork feel. We have an amazing range of textiles available that can help you achieve a beautiful look in your space without a huge expense.

Looking to enhance your space with the perfect window treatment? Get in touch - we’d love to help you create something special in your space!