The Ritz Carlton

Ritz Boardroom Table

We were commissioned by Far East Consortium to design and fabricate the boardroom & function tables to be installed in the Meeting Rooms and Sky Villas of the Ritz. A series of five tables were designed and produced by us, from ideation through to manufacturing, each one scaled to fit its’ place and purpose.

The dramatic views of the Swan River from these spaces inspired the design response, with the bulbous forms of the pedestal bases of the tables reminiscent of the hulls of Moth Yachts and other watercraft that skim across the water. Given the scale of the tables, the curved form of the pedestals helped to soften and visually reduce their volume while also accommodating the various seating arrangements that were required. The twin pedestals also perform a functional role, encasing power and data cabling and cable management boxes connecting to floor-mounted outlets. The solid oak perimeter of each table is subtly detailed with a fine bead and rebate while the surface is inlaid with oak veneer, its grain oriented along the length of the top. Materials and finishes were inspired by the Oak panelling within the Meeting and Sky Villa spaces and the tables are a combination of solid and veneered European Oak.

Although pared back to a series of simple, almost archetypal forms, the tables have been intricately crafted. Behind their refined design lies an incredible feat of engineering and fabrication, with Greg Sherwood developing in house a custom vacuum system for the curved elements press laminated as part of the pedestal bases. Going to such lengths to develop a 3D veneering process shows the level of commitment Orno Interiors have to producing a unique, high-quality product for their client that will endure the test of time.  While a refined aesthetic was imperative, the tables also needed to serve a functional purpose. Seating arrangements, accessibility and ease of assembly and disassembly if required were all meticulously scrutinised to ensure the comfort of users and the adaptability and versatility of the spaces in which they are located. The end result is a product that is a contemporary interpretation of traditional craftsmanship befitting the sophisticated luxury of the hotel brand.

The Ritz Carlton