Perth CBD

UMA Restaurant

The Peruvian culture is defined by its rich, bold colours and vibrancy, and we wanted this to be reflected throughout the restaurant’s interior as it is currently reflected in the beautiful cuisine at the fine-dining Uma Restaurant at the Pan Pacific. By introducing points of interest and layered textures, we take the restaurant patrons on a journey from the hallway through to the dining table, where the visual experience of the interior complements the food & dining experience.

Uma Lane is designed as first point of interest to the culinary experience of Uma Restaurant. We engaged Artist Drew Straker to create an amazing mural to ignite this journey with a fluorescent abstraction of a Peruvian laneway. The key concept, was to take guests on a visual journey, filled with llamas- an iconic creature, pops of colour and vibrancy to add layers upon layers of interest to heighten the guests experience as they make their way to dine.

Our design was centred around bringing personality and life into the space through selections that offer warmth, depth and accents of primary colours. We also wanted to create contrasting spaces, from a warm alfresco space and to more intimate private dining using creative colour, lighting and divisional design features. We really wanted our styling to elevate & transform the space in a way that guests are completely immersed in the vibrant Peruvian.

Perth CBD